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The Intelligent Poor
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Throughout the past, intelligent people have been born into lower social classes. Some of them have managed to work their way up into education and success; others haven't. But there seems to have been a shift, or a number of shifts, in the dynamic: now it's easier than ever to be born into a higher socioeconomic category and wind up lower, as it is possible to be highly educated with no paper trail, to have a valuable skill-set that earns you nothing in the workplace -- there are numerous situations like this right now. Artists rarely have a strong base of patronage anymore, and government arts funding is, of course, run by the government. And everyone knows about the dot-com boom and crash, which led a number of geeks into the Amazing Evaporating High-Powered Career Sector. When a social dynamic changes, there is always fallout, and our time period is one in which change occurs very quickly.

Some of us just haven't managed to work our way up yet. Some of us have medical conditions or other circumstances to prevent us from working. Some of us are trying to make ends meet while getting educated to spec. Some of us have large sets of capabilities, very few of which translate as commodities. Some of us are artists and writers -- and the finance curve for these careers has always been a steep one.

This community has been created as a place to discuss the issues stemming from the shifting of class boundaries, and the problems of the intelligent poor. The topics are fairly open: commiserate about unemployment, discuss the faults in the educational system, or rant about the price of bread. We're smart; we can and will triumph over our circumstances, through solid planning or applied opportunism. There may not be a single solution to this multifaceted problem; it's not even a single problem so much as a number of different circumstances, but we can work on the details and engineer some clever fixes while venting our steam.

"I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart."
--e e cummings

Please do not use this space to post spam or get-rich-quick schemes. If you have a personal account or experience to share regarding any type of job opportunity, you are welcome to do so, but anything that begins with "Make Money Fast" or "Work From Home" is not a personal experience tale, and will be deleted/banned.


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