Briana (dryadgrl) wrote in brightandbroke,

Free Reiki Clinic - this Friday!

I'll be helping out at a free Reiki clinic on Friday. Details below. I don't want to post her email address publicly, so if you're interested either post a comment with your address and delete it or email to dryadgrl at live journal and I'll pass on the information.

Each month, Metta Center (In Monclair area of Oakland) hosts a Free Reiki Clinic on the first Friday of the month from 9:30am-12pm.

The intention of this clinic is to make Reiki available to those who are curious about it and want to explore how it feels to get a Reiki treatment, as well to those who want a mini-healing session (or a picker-upper) as part of their self-care and healing process.

Treatment is done fully clothed and lasts about 20 minutes per person. Please let me know whether you are interested in the 10:30, 11 or 11:30am slots so I can keep your wait to a minimum.

The next Free Reiki Clinic is scheduled for Friday, January 6, 2006.
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